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A Cookies Policy is a document used by a website owner or operator to describe to users how Cookies Policy is Considered an agreement, because users manifest their assent in a specific way, usually by clicking a check – box or pop – up saying they read and agree to the Cookies Policy. In general, though, the Cookies Policy is really about the owner/operator of the website explaining to the users, in “non-legal” terms, how cookies are used.

Especially when running any kind of business or personal website that allows users to interact with anything on it, including through the storage of certain data with cookies, it’s necessity to have clearly laid out Cookies Policy. And the operator should ensure a good one is in place for their business. Also complaint with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR Data Protection Regulation, GDPR compliance requirements.

The Cookies Policy describes, for users, all of the ways in which the website owner/ operator uses cookies, as well as what the users can do about setting their permission for cookies, the operator of the website should ensure that they have all the information needed about how the website works with cookies. This may involve doing technical checks or speaking to others in the company about the security side of things in this document . it should be published somewhere prominently on the website, with a link on the homepage saying “Cookies Policy”. But also how their information will be managed often a Cookies Policy will go hand in hand with a Privacy Policy, and perhaps even a Terms and Conditions. Although there is not one set of laws or regulations outlining what must be contained in the Cookies Policy for a website, website disclosures are broadly governed Indian and Intl. I.T Laws.